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Mewseek Pro & PwnPlayer Lite

When I finally updated to version 3.0 for the iPhone and was missing some cool modifications that wouldn’t work on the new 3.0 version, there was one Cydia App that was making me want to go back to 2.x! If you missed my Review on Mewseek Pro, you can check it out Here. The new updated version is beta and is still being tweaked by errrick. The only big difference is the “Add to iPod” is not working at this time. The New Release of PwnPlayer Lite is a replacement for the old PwnPlayer. The Lite Version is compatible with 3.0! Don’t get mad if you are getting errors (like me) in Cydia, just goto sources and Delete the regular PwnPlayer first, then you should be able to Install the Lite version with no errors. Everything else is working fine and if you’re like me and SSH into your device, the iPod Feature isn’t that big of a set back. Go Here for errrick’s site to check out all of his work. Keep it coming errrick.

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