Just Released and now in Cydia, MewSeek Pro 2.0 is better than ever.

The new main search engine is SkreemR, which is much faster and more up-to-date then SeeqPod. 

My experience with MewSeek’s first version to the new MewSeek Pro 2.0 has been good. Both apps do what you want, but the new 2.0 is so fast at downloads that by the time you goto the Transfers screen to see the download progress, it is already at 100%. I downloaded 33 songs in less than one minute today. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. The older version still has a lot more to choose from with the search, but some times the downloads don’t work, or it just takes forever. The new MewSeek Pro 2.0 is $9.99 to purchase and you can try it out first with a trial version…. but believe me, it is worth the $10, with the convenience of this app. It also stores all of your songs directley onto your iPod. Here are some screenshots below. The last screenshot is the old free version in which downloads can take up to 10 minutes for one song to download.


Forthcoming updates will include:

– Fixes for the alphabetical sort error on music library after adding songs to iPod (there is a workaround for this: you only need to manually add/remove a song from iTunes to fix it)
– Pause/Resume downloads (specially useful for big files)
– Restore downloads after closing the app (specially useful for big files)
– Rapidshare search (Megaupload, MediaFire and major file hosting websites also supported)
– Support to download RAR and ZIP files with automatic extraction – specially useful for Rapidshare search
– ID3 tag editing on downloaded files

Notes about firmware 3.0

iPhoneOS 3.0 friendly version is not yet supported. While almost everything works (running the app, search, download), one of its core features, “add to iPod”, does not work yet. So right now if you want this to work like it is, hold of on updating to OS 3.0. Errrick is working on this and should have it work.

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