EasyiRecovery is another nice utility for Windows created by our partner site (ispazio’s user Riccardo Rossi). You will love the usefulness of iRecovery especially when performing a downgrade and you are stuck in Recovery Mode.
To make iRecovery work properly you must first install the library files and then perform a series of commands in terminal. Those pieces of code often forget and every time we need to find the guide to copy-paste the shakes .. in short, a simple process but certainly quite long and tortuous.

EasyiRecovery however, is a utility that automizza all these processes and is extremely fast and easy to use. Just download, double click the icon and the program automatically will start copying the files required to operate directly on the Desktop. The first screen will ask if you have already installed the library file, select yes or no as appropriate and then click the button “Use iRecovery.

The program will be able to start automatically and several strings of code to turn your iPhone normally. To have more or less an idea of what is running, see step 6 of this guide. It should therefore be used only after a downgrade or all the other times when iTunes returns an error 1015 and leaves the iPhone stuck in recovery mode.

Gide – How To

1. Extract the archive iRecovery and bring the application on your Desktop.

2. Install “libusb-win32-filter-bin-” and keep the file on the desktop.

3. Connect your iPhone via USB and put it in DFU mode (hold down the button “Power” and “Home” for 10 seconds then release just the ignition);

4. Rispirstinate manually firmware 3.1.3 (by pressing Shift + Restore and select the firmware you downloaded previously);

5. Towards the end of recovery, the procedure will stop and return the iTunes error 1015. Do not worry everything is normal.

6. Click OK on the pop-up, Close iTunes and run the console by typing the following commands:

cd Desktop (or folder where you copied iRecovery)
setenv auto-boot true
fsboot (only for those with an iPhone 3G Italian)
7. Unplug the iPhone from your computer and restart it by pressing the Power and Home until the Apple logo appears. Once turned on, connect to your computer, activate it and use it normally.