Amazon has announced its Nexus-slaying next generation  ‘Kindle Fire HD’ in both in 7-inch and 8.9-inch sizes. Amazon also introduced an upgraded version of the existing Kindle Fire.


computerworld points out  what Tech Sites are saying out the new Kindle Fire HD

Despite the hardware improvements, many early hands-on reports suggest Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD tablets still aren’t up to snuff.

• NBC News said: “Perhaps our expectations were too high or perhaps we’d been spoiled by the Nexus 7 and iPad, but the Kindle Fire HD seemed downright sluggish at times, lagging at odd moments.”

• The gang from Gizmodo said: “It’s just not nearly as smooth as the Nexus 7 on Jelly Bean. … It’s bad enough that when you tap an icon, you wonder if you did it wrong, if maybe you didn’t tap firmly enough.”

• And the good folks at Droid Life noted: “The UI itself is almost identical to the original Fire, including the consistent presence of lag from the home screen. Jumping between sections like Books or Videos takes a few seconds, making the overall experience feel cheap.”