Alright folks, the time we have all been waiting for is finally, well on its way. The iOS 6.1 Jailbreak is finally becoming a reality, the new jailbreak will be called “Evasion”.

The Evad3rs Dev-Team has launched an official website for the iOS 6.1 jailbreak called You can visit this site for regular updates on the status of iOS 6.1 jailbreak. This new Dev-Team consists of some familiar names and some new ones, the team members are Pod2g, Planetbeing, MuscleNerd, and Pimskeks.

According to the official website for the iOS 6.1 jailbreak, the team is in the process of finishing up the GUI. Next stage will be the private beta testing of the jailbreak! You can check out the website for yourself !

2013-01-30 09.42.15 pm